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Boating Education

One of the main goals of America's Boating Club® is "boating safety through education!"

We believe that an educated boater is a safe boater.

In addition to America's Boating Class, America's Boating Club teaches a series of outstanding courses and seminars that cover advanced seamanship, navigational techniques, boat handling and maintenance along with enhanced topics.

Americas Boating Course - 3rd Edition (ABC3)

This introductory course teaches the fundamentals of safe boat handling and operation in a one day class. It also includes State of Ohio boat operators certification.

Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses are designed to be taken in sequence as each builds on the skill and knowledge taught in the previous course.

Elective Courses

Elective Courses cover separate and independent topics and may be taken in any order.


Seminars are short one day or evening classes that cover various topics ranging from Trailering, VHF Radio, Radar and more. Seminars are scheduled periodically bases on interest and availability.

Contact us below for your boating education needs or let us know if there are classes that you would like to see scheduled.

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