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Bridge Officers


Squadron Commander

Cdr. Sherri Haring, P

The Squadron Commander is responsible for the overall operation of the Columbus Sail and Power Squadron.


Executive Officer

Lt/C Bob Goelz, S

The Squadron Executive Officer is responsible for interaction with the general public, boat shows, national safe boating week activities, public relations.


Administrative Officer

Lt/C Tiffany Francis, S

Administrator Officer is responsible for internal matters of the squadron such as membership, social activities, dinner meetings and summer boating rendezvous.


Squadron Educational Officer
Lt/C Paul King, JN-IN

The Educational Officer manages all of the educational activities of the squadron including public boating courses and the education curriculum.

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Lt/C Ron Hupman, S

The Squadron Secretary is responsible for the minutes of business meetings, the Galley Gossip newsletter and the membership roster.

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P/C Dick Sorensen, SN

The Squadron Treasurer is in charge of the bookkeeping, finance, investments, budget and grants for the squadron.

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Immediate Past Commander

P/C Richard Sorenson, SN

The Immediate Past Commander serves on the Executive Committee as an advisor to the Squadron Commander.


​Lt Sue Goelz, S

Lt Joe Huffman, AP

Lt Michael T Hughes, AP

Lt Ralph Newman, AP

Lt Glen Kubinski, P

P.C Larry Lowe, SN

Lt Phil Osborne, JN-IN

Lt Beth Perchuk, P

Lt Ruth Wilcox, S


AO, 1st/Lt John Daulton, P

SEO, 1st/Lt Mary Rayburn, P

Secretary, 1st/Lt Thomas Doyle, P