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America's Boating Course

A one day course filled with all the information your family will need for a fun and safe boating season.

This class fulfils the state requirements.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to us!


CSPS Headquarters
8492 Cotter Street
Lewis Center, OH 43035

America's Boating Course

Our next class will be held on three Saturdays, January 20th, 27th and February 3rd from 8am till noon, 2024!
This will be at our facility
8492 Cotter St, Lewis Center, OH 43035

70.00 for non-members and 45.00 for members. You can add additional family member for 30.00 each, must share book.

Learn the fundamentals of safe boat handling and operation plus basic piloting in this comprehensive classroom course. This newly-revised course will give you the basics of line throwing, knot tying, boat handling, anchoring, navigation rules and aids, emergencies on the water and more.

Instructors have many years of boating experience shared between inland waters and Lake Erie. An Ohio Department of Natural Resources officer will present Ohio laws and rules.

Completion of this course qualifies you for the opportunity to take our advanced courses.

With the successful completion of our ABC course, you receive your operating license and certificate of safe boating from the State of Ohio. 

America's Boating Course - 3rd Edition (ABC3)

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Course Covers:

  • Required Safety Equipment

  • Navigation Rules & Aids

  • Finding Your Way

  • Knots & Lines

  • Ohio Department of Watercraft Regulations

  • Trailering

  • Anchoring

  • Communications Afloat

  • Lights and Sound Signals


Our ABC course covers four crucial stages

Chapter 1:

  • Getting Started – nautical terms

  • Required Safety Equipment – life jackets, fire extinguishers

  • Going Boating – fueling, casting off, underway

Chapter 2:

  • Navigation Rules

  • Navigation Aids

  • Lights and Sound signals

  • Government Regulations

  • State and local Regulations

Chapter 3:

  • Finding Your Way – nautical charts, electronic navigation

  • Anchoring

  • Adverse Conditions and Emergencies

  • Communication Afloat

Chapter 4:

  • Water Sports Safety – water skiing, hunting/fishing, paddling

  • Trailering

  • PWC Operation

  • Knots and Lines


Course completion qualifies you for the following:

  • Operator Permit License from the State of Ohio

  • Ability to take advanced courses

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