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On the Water

Many of us make a social event of being on the water. We look forward to the cruises, raft-ups, watersports, or going fishing. There's something about being on the water that's relaxing, inviting and best shared with someone else.

With the weather getting colder and the boats being put up for the winter its time to start thinking about next years events and cruising. What trips were the most memorable? Is there an area you would like to see? Can you be a Cruise Planner?

Cruise planning can take many, many hours of planning to get everything in order for the safety and enjoyment of those involved. Or, might just be a group text saying "I'm going to Alum on ___ to look at the leaves. Meet us at New Galena". Either way, its about getting together on the water and enjoying ourselves. Keep an eye out for the cruise planning meeting. Come listen to the ideas for next year and present a cruise you would like to plan.

" The hallmark of a vibrant and active squadron or district is not only measured by its meetings and classes, but by what it does beyond that. The outside activities that rank high on the list for enhancing member involvement and enjoyment are often referred to as Cruise and Rendezvous (C&Rs). And when the opportunity exists, a C&R may involve more than one squadron or district."

After reading dozens of past Galley Gossips ABC/CSPS has done so many interesting Cruises and Rendezvous. Everything from multiple week cruises in the Trent Severn Waterway, to a one afternoon raft-up in Alum Creek. Its the social gathering that keeps us connected and the best way to attract new members.

Speaking of social gatherings, come join us at Mimi's Cafe on November 4th and The Morgan House on December 10th. Registration in the link.


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