A  variety of courses are offered by the Columbus Sail and Power Squadron, both to the public and to our members.

Seminar Description Schedule
Seminar - Charting:

In less than 5 hours, you will learn why and how:

What charts show navigators above the water
Chart features
Chart Scales
What charts show navigators below the water
Aids to Navigation
Latitude and Longitude
Planning your course
What’s in your way

    This seminar is free for all students that registered for the 2016 Americas Boating Course (ABC3); cost of materials is $50 for non-ABC3 students.

Location: TBD
Date and Time: TBD
Not Scheduled
Seminar - Emergencies On Board: - Non-member cost: $ 0.00


What's Included?
  • Prevent accidents
  • Make emergency calls and signals
  • Deal with running aground
  • Handle a person overboard situation
  • Put out files onboard
  • Deal with losing power
  • Deal with medical conditions
  • Deal with steering failures
  • Deal with getting lost 

Learn how to adequately prepare for common emergencies and deal with them when they occur.  Gain practical knowledge about accident prevention, running aground, onboard fires, getting lost, towing, and medical emergencies.  A must-have for skippers, this seminar provides valuable skills for anyone venturing on the water. 

The seminar comes with the Emergencies on Board QuickGuide—a handy reference to use in responding to emergency situations, as well as a full color Student Guide for the seminar.

Location: 8492 Cotter Street Lewis Center, OH 43035
Date and Time: Wednesday, Mar 3, 2106 at 7:00 pm
Not Scheduled
Seminar - Crossing Borders: - Non-member cost: $ 0.00


What's Included?
  • Understand the immigration and customs process
  • Prepare and carry the correct documents for your crossing
  • Who are and how to contact the proper authorities
  • Timelines for the entry and departure processes
  • What can’t be carried across the borders

If you live in the border states, you can cross international borders and visit our neighbors to the north or south. But what do you need to know? This seminar explains the immigration and customs process and the programs that enable boaters to easily cross into Canada, Mexico or the Bahamas. Be prepared by having the correct documents; we can help you get there. Each student receives a full color Student Guide especially written for the seminar.


Location: Headquarters - 8492 Cotter St, Lewis Center, OH 43035
Date and Time: Thursday, Mar 3, 2016 at 7:00 pm
Not Scheduled
Seminar - Marine Radar: - Non-member cost: $ 0.00


What's Included?
  • RADAR basics
  • Operator controls
  • Operator aids
  • Collision avoidance
  • Navigation
  • RADAR display
  • Target identification
  • Headings
  • Ranges
  • Rain and snow effects

Don't get lost in the fog.  Whether you want to navigate safely or decide what equipment to purchase, this seminar provides clear advice.  Learn how RADAR works, how to use it effectively, and its limitations as a piloting aid.  You'll also receive a copy of The RADAR Book by Kevin Monahan, as well as Student Notes with copies of slides.

Location: Headquarters - 8492 Cotter St, Lewis Center, OH 43035
Date and Time: Thu Apr 7, 2016 @ 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Not Scheduled
Seminar - The Art of Trailering, FOR COUPLES: - Non-member cost: $30.00

Why Take A “Trailering Your Boat Seminar”?

In less than 2 hours, you will learn why and how:
• Licensing and Titling
• Introduction to Trailering
• Choosing your Tow vehicle
• Match the Tow to the load
• Weight to include
• Trailer data plate
• Trailer hitches
• Locking coupler to ball 
• Tires
• Types of trailers
• The Art of Towing
• Launching
• Retrieval

 In 2014 this seminar was geared toward the ladies.  This year, we take a closer look at the team effort that can either make or break an exciting day on the water.  We'll pay particular attention to the tips & techniques that can help you safely launch and recover your boat while minimizing the stresses that inevitably occur when the ramp is crowded.

Location: Delaware State Park, 5202 U.S. Highway 23 N, Delaware, OH
Date and Time: Saturday, May 14, 2016; $30 for singles, $50 for couples.
Not Scheduled