Bridge Officers

Squadron Commander Cdr David Canale, P


The Squadron Commander is responsible for the overall operation of the Columbus Sail & Power Squadron.


Executive Officer (XO) Lt/C Bill Mohrman, AP
The Squadron Executive Officer is responsible for interaction with the general public. (e.g. boat shows, national safe boating week activities, public relations)


Administrative Officer (AO) Lt/C John Seaver, AP


The Squadron Administrative Officer is responsible for internal matters of the squadron such as membership, social activities, dinner meetings and summer boating rendezvous.


Educational Officer (SEO) Lt/C Brian O\'Rourke, P
The Squadron Educational Officer is responsible for overseeing all classes taught to members and the general public.
Secretary Lt/C Ron Hupman, S


The Squadron Secretary is responsible for monthly Galley Gossip newsletter, membership roster, and minutes of business meetings.


Treasurer Lt/C Edward Mack

The Squadron Treasurer is responsible for financial accounting and reporting.

Immediate Past Commander P/C Tom Norman, P


The Immediate Past Commander serves on the Executive Committee as an advisor to the Squadron Commander.