Bridge Officers

Squadron Commander Cdr John Seaver, JN
The Squadron Commander is responsible for the overall operation of the Columbus Sail & Power Squadron.


Executive Officer (XO) Lt/C Julie Mohrman, AP


Julie Mohrman The Squadron Executive Officer is responsible for interaction with the general public. (e.g. boat shows, national safe boating week activities, public relations)



Administrative Officer (AO) Lt/C John McCarty, AP


The Squadron Administrative Officer is responsible for internal matters of the squadron such as membership, social activities, dinner meetings and summer boating rendezvous.

Squadron Educational Officer Lt/C Mari Seaver, S
Marielle Seaver The Educational Officer manages all of the educational activities of the squadron including public boating courses and the educational curriculum of the entire squadron membership.


Secretary Lt/C Ron Hupman, S


The Squadron Secretary is responsible for monthly Galley Gossip newsletter, membership roster, and minutes of business meetings.


Treasurer Lt/C Edward Mack, N
Ed Mack

The Squadron Treasurer is responsible for financial accounting and reporting.


Immediate Past Commander P/C Bill Mohrman, AP


Bill Mohrman

The Immediate Past Commander serves on the Executive Committee as an advisor to the Squadron Commander